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Everything about Construction Equipment

The mechanism of a hydraulic excavator

Do you know how a hydraulic excavator rotates? We will show you how a hydraulic excavator works in detail.


How froklifts work

How does a froklift work? Let us show you the mechanism of a froklift.

How froklifts work

The mechanism of a bulldozer

How does a bulldozer work? Let us show you the mechanism of a bulldozer.


Transformable hydraulic excavator and its various attachments

A hydraulic excavator can do many different jobs by changing its attachments . Check out how it transforms!


Super high-tech IT construction equipment

The latest IT technology is used in construction equipment as well. Learn about some of the technologies here.


Mighty Bulldozer

Let's learn about bulldozers in Apfel's Science Class together!


Anti-Personnel Landmine Demining Equipment

-working all over the world

Many anti-personnel landmines were placed all over the world wherever wars took place. Even when the wars are over, many of them are still remaining.


Be an expert at construction equipment!

You can learn so much more about construction equipment!

What interesting shapes! Various Hydraulic Excavators

What shape is this? Hydraulic excavator transforms its shape depending on job sites and assignments.


Transporting the transporting construction vehicle

Which piece of construction equipment carries soil and rocks in its vessel? How can such a big piece of construction equipment be transported!?


Machines that transform garbage into something useful

Check out recycling champion, GARA-PAGOS Series.