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What was the world's first construction machine?

When were they invented? By who?Kikki

*Photo of Komatsu's tractor, G25 during the 1930's.

Although many machines with a steam engine were invented during the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century, it wasn't until the late nineteenth century that the full scale machines like today's were introduced.

There are several kinds of construction machines today. It is said that the first bulldozer was ma de by two Americans named Cummings and McLeod in 1923. The first bulldozer was not a crawler style. It was a vehicle with tires equipped with a blade at front.

The unique feet called crawlers were built by the American company called The Holt Manufacturing Company (later became Caterpillar Inc. after merging with C.L. Best Tractor Co.). It was more than one hundred years ago.