Kikki's Workshop
The Coloring Picture Grand Prix
Casual Design

Color the working machine with your spirit!

The original picture for print out (PDF)

  • Print out the design on A4 size paper and color it as you like.
  • One person can submit multiple works.
  • You can use any kind of coloring materials such as coloring pencil, crayons, and so on.
  • When you finish, send it to us by MAIL.(You can submit your work online too.)
  • Deadline:January 31,2018 Click here for more details.

Komatsu Articulated dump truck

Articulated dump truck HM300 Articulated dump truck HM300 Articulated dump truck HM300



There are six categories and each has its own awards.

You can give it power...

Energetic Kids Category Award

You can be creative throwing a witty idea...

You've Got Style! Great Idea Category Award

Bring out your inner artist!

Artistic Category Award

...for the artists with witty comments.

Apfel Comment Award

...for group entries!

Kikki and Samie's Teamwork Award

The first theme is "XX shovel" Capture and decorate your shovel with your camera, smartphone, etc.

These illustrations have been created for entertainment purposes only.They in no way represent Komatsu's products or services.
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