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2000 OPEN

The IT revolution had a tremendous influence on the technology of construction equipment as well. The satellite operation management system was developed during the 90's as a method to supervise and manage equipment from a remote distance, and became an industry standard during this era.

Komatsu Wheel loader with noise control WA100-5 URBAN SILENCER (Urban Silencer)

Komatsu Wheel loader with noise control WA100-5 URBAN SILENCER (Urban Silencer)

The industry's first noise controlled bucket equipped with the original layered dumper reduced the noises generated by scooping and loading. Compared to the regular models, its loudest noise level was reduced to 5db(A) during operation. The noise absorbing material was installed on the body where the most noise generating components such as an engine and hydraulic devices were located. The under cover and the noise sealed structure also helped to reduce the noise level.

The hydraulic driven fan was also able to reduce the noise of the engine cooler, and the large tandem muffler controlled the noise of exhaust, making the source of the noise itself quieter. This model became appointed equipment by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as "Super noise controlled construction equipment (regulated in 1997)".

Bucket capacity: 1.3m3

Wheel loader OPEN

It was 1949 when the first wheel loader was manufactured in Japan, however, it was not until mid 1960's when Komatsu entered the wheel loader market aligning with International Harvester. From JH series in the beginning, to the 500 series, to Komatsu's original WA series, our wheel loaders have met the needs of construction sites by scaling up, coping with the environment and adopting advanced technology such as mechatronics and IT.

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