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1990 OPEN

While equipment built to accommodate urban environments, by generating less noise, vibrations and emission, became more common, super sized equipment that could withstand harsh working conditions in places like giant mines were also developed.

Komatsu Wheel loader WA100-3 Avance Loader

Komatsu Wheel loader WA100-3 Avance Loader

Advocating the "human first" concept, Komatsu executed a major model change for WA series for the first time in 8 years.

A four gear transmission was used for small models, WA100 and WA150. The pulling power for the second and third gear was increased as well as its scooping and climbing abilities, and the range of matching for running was extended.

WA100-3 Bucket capacity: 1.3m3

Wheel loader OPEN

It was 1949 when the first wheel loader was manufactured in Japan, however, it was not until mid 1960's when Komatsu entered the wheel loader market aligning with International Harvester. From JH series in the beginning, to the 500 series, to Komatsu's original WA series, our wheel loaders have met the needs of construction sites by scaling up, coping with the environment and adopting advanced technology such as mechatronics and IT.

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