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The IT revolution had a tremendous influence on the technology of construction equipment as well. The satellite operation management system was developed during the 90's as a method to supervise and manage equipment from a remote distance, and became an industry standard during this era.

Komatsu Compost turner RT3000

Komatsu Compost turner RT3000

In order to produce quality soil, it is important to have a good crosscutting process (oxygen supply) that makes the environment easy for microbes to be active. With RT3000, it collects soil to the center with a paddle and sends it away to the back while crushing and mixing it with the fast turning large caliber auger blade (3m wide).

This creates an ideal fermenting condition, allowing soil to mix evenly and form consecutive mountain shaped compost piles with good breathability and low density. It achieved quality soil production with high speed, low cost with good mobility and large throughput capacity (maximum of 1,380m3/h) enabled by the self-propelled apparatus.

Other Equipment OPEN

There were other construction machines built by Komatsu over the years. We can see how the various designs mirrored different eras if we look at them set against the flow of history.

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