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2000 OPEN

The IT revolution had a tremendous influence on the technology of construction equipment as well. The satellite operation management system was developed during the 90's as a method to supervise and manage equipment from a remote distance, and became an industry standard during this era.

Komatsu Press shot BN037PE

Komatsu Press shot BN037PE

Komatsu developed this product for the second process lumber recycling; softening wood chips that were crushed in the first process. Though recycling of the waste generated from foresting had been progressing, the actual usage of wood chips was still in need of new ideas. This press shot produces pressure with water and compresses crushed wood chips. Its steam destroys the internal texture of wood chips and changes the physicality.

The swelled and softened chips from this process are soft and absorbent, and could be used as beddings for farm animals, compost, and as a moisture adjuster for composting excreta and garbage. Since the process uses high temperature and high pressure, it kills bacteria. It is also the eco friendly second processer, as steam prevents it from generating dust, and the noise level is kept low.

Other Equipment OPEN

There were other construction machines built by Komatsu over the years. We can see how the various designs mirrored different eras if we look at them set against the flow of history.

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