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1990 OPEN

While equipment built to accommodate urban environments, by generating less noise, vibrations and emission, became more common, super sized equipment that could withstand harsh working conditions in places like giant mines were also developed.

Komatsu Rough terrain crane LW500-1 WING500

Komatsu Rough terrain crane LW500-1 WING500

Despite the low unit production, 50-ton class rough terrain cranes occupied about 25% of the market in dollars. Komatsu extended the popular series of WING 100 and 250.50

With a 6 level boom of 43m, this model had the highest lift above the ground. The high rigid hexagonal sectioned boom reduced deflection and stabilized operation. Its safety device automatically ceases movement when approaching dangerous areas, equipped with a function that slows the speed of turning and boom movements and softens shocks.

Other Equipment OPEN

There were other construction machines built by Komatsu over the years. We can see how the various designs mirrored different eras if we look at them set against the flow of history.

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