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1980 OPEN

More and more innovative technologies were applied to products with a heavy focus on hydraulic shovels. Using mechatronics for engine control was one of the examples of Japan's advanced electronics technology that surpassed the world standards.

Komatsu Motor grader GD405A-2A

Komatsu Motor grader GD405A-2A
Komatsu Motor grader GD405A-2A

Graders with a blade of 3.1m width were responsible for about half of demand in the domestic market. This was Komatsu's main model in the class.

It let an operator adjust the height of the blade freely in any position. The blade could be controlled at small delicate degrees, making it easy to have more detailed finished work. The operating lever and pedal were positioned based on human engineering, and quick blade movement and small turning radius (5.6m) provided a high quality of operation.

To secure wide visibility, it was installed with a hexagonal cab (optional). With various sound proofing systems and rubber mounted driver's seat added extra comfort to the driving experience. A LCD monitor was part of the standard specs so that an operator could check any changes at a glance.

Other Equipment OPEN

There were other construction machines built by Komatsu over the years. We can see how the various designs mirrored different eras if we look at them set against the flow of history.

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