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The IT revolution had a tremendous influence on the technology of construction equipment as well. The satellite operation management system was developed during the 90's as a method to supervise and manage equipment from a remote distance, and became an industry standard during this era.

Komatsu Hybrid hydraulic excavator PC200-8 Hybrid

Komatsu Hybrid hydraulic excavator PC200-8 Hybrid
Komatsu Hybrid hydraulic excavator PC200-8 Hybrid

Komatsu began to sell the world's first hybrid construction machinery(*1), Hybrid Hydraulic excavator, "PC200-8 Hybrid". "Komatsu Hybrid System" that, combined with the newly developed circulating electric motor, electric power motor, capacitor, and diesel engine, accomplished 25% less fuel consumption (*2) compared to the regular PC200-8.

"Komatsu Hybrid System" converts the energy generated during slowdown of body circling into electric power. The power is then stored in the capacitor and used as additional energy via an electric power motor when the engine is accelerated.

While regular construction machines are run by a diesel engine only, hybrid models use regenerated energy as motorized assistance for engine acceleration. This enables the engine to be used in the slow spinning range that consumes less energy. It can also keep the engine spinning at a very slow speed, which helps cut down fuel consumption significantly. KOMTRAX is part of the standard specs. 

*1:Research done by Komatsu. Compared 7 main models.

*2:It may vary depending the type of operation.

Weight: 19,800kg, Bucket capacity: 0.8m3

Hydraulic excavator OPEN

Since its first emergence in 1951, it took only 50 years for the hydraulic shovel to establish its primary position on construction sites worldwide. Its size ranges from mini to super size depending on the scale of construction, and during the half century, it kept evolving by achieving a minimum rear-swing radius and adapting styles that would work with characteristics of each site. Mirroring the movement of a human hand, a hydraulic shovel will continue to evolve during the 21st century.

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