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The IT revolution had a tremendous influence on the technology of construction equipment as well. The satellite operation management system was developed during the 90's as a method to supervise and manage equipment from a remote distance, and became an industry standard during this era.

Komatsu Super Large Hydraulic excavator PC3000

コマツ 超大型 油圧ショベルPC3000

In 2005, Komatsu completed their first model of Super Large Hydraulic excavator "PC3000" developed for domestic mines. Up to this point, super large hydraulic shovels had been developed and produced in Germany.

In recent years, demand for primary commodities such as iron ores and coal has been rising all over the world. Orders for mining machinery in south east Asia and other areas are increasing rapidly. For this reason, Komatsu started domestic production of PC3000 to meet the demand and improve the transportation cost. 

Weight: 250000kg, Bucket capacity: 12~20m3

Hydraulic excavator OPEN

Since its first emergence in 1951, it took only 50 years for the hydraulic shovel to establish its primary position on construction sites worldwide. Its size ranges from mini to super size depending on the scale of construction, and during the half century, it kept evolving by achieving a minimum rear-swing radius and adapting styles that would work with characteristics of each site. Mirroring the movement of a human hand, a hydraulic shovel will continue to evolve during the 21st century.

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