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1990 OPEN

While equipment built to accommodate urban environments, by generating less noise, vibrations and emission, became more common, super sized equipment that could withstand harsh working conditions in places like giant mines were also developed.

Komatsu Rubber Crawler Carrier CD60R(Turning dump)

Komatsu Rubber Crawler Carrier CD60R(Turning dump)

Komatsu developed an innovative rubber crawler carrier, CD60R (nickname: spinning dump, load capacity: 6,000kg). It was made with a complete turning function unlike others. Allowing the upper part to turn 360 degrees freely, it could always be moved forward, which improved working speed significantly. It eliminated the risks accompanied with moving backwards and also allowed it to work on narrow spaces where u-turns were not a possibility. With the automatic brake system, the parking brake was automatically engaged when the vehicle stopped, and it was automatically released when moving. 

It was also fitted with the high/low auto gear changer, which shifts to a low gear adjusting to the workload during operation. In addition to the built-in rubber shoe, its road liner (separated rubber shoe) made it possible to change the shoes one by one, which cut down both the running cost and time for maintenance.

In the same year, Komatsu released CD30R (load capacity: 3,000kg), and CD110R (load capacity: 11,000kg).

Dump truck OPEN

The history of the dump truck as a transporting vehicle is also the history of increasing the amount of loading to improve productivity at construction sites. At mines especially, new technology is being introduced consistently even today. Enlarging the size by mechanical and electrical formulas, and adding the GPS control system are some of the examples.

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