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Since this era, the focus of domestic demand gradually started shifting from bulldozers to hydraulic shovels. Additional considerations, such as ease of operation, also became an important aspect of design.

Komatsu Dump truck HD460

Komatsu Dump truck HD460

As for a off road Dump truck, this was the world's first model that was made with an automatic transmission. At that time, the demand for Dump trucks of this class was second to that of the 32-ton in the global market, and fast development was anticipated. Strong engine output, a vessel with good height and shape, and easy operation with good handling brought this model a boastful reputation in the market.

Load capacity: 46,000kg

Dump truck OPEN

The history of the dump truck as a transporting vehicle is also the history of increasing the amount of loading to improve productivity at construction sites. At mines especially, new technology is being introduced consistently even today. Enlarging the size by mechanical and electrical formulas, and adding the GPS control system are some of the examples.

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