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1950 OPEN

After the war, larger construction equipment was needed in order to reconstruct and cultivate devastated farmlands. At this point, Japan was developing equipment imitating what the U.S. army had brought in.

Komatsu Dump truck HD150
(Around 1954)

Komatsu Dump truck HD150

Around this time, more power resources were developed in Japan, and the Euclid 15-ton Dump truck from the United States was heavily used. Komatsu developed Japan's first off road Dump truck in competition with Euclid.

Load capacity: 15,000kg

Komatsu Dump truck HD150

HD150-1, a quarry type Dump truck at Sakuma dam. (Unit No. 2)

The prototypes were used at Sakuma dam and Naruko dam. HD150 went through 6 model changes until 1965, and became a basis for HD180.

Dump truck OPEN

The history of the dump truck as a transporting vehicle is also the history of increasing the amount of loading to improve productivity at construction sites. At mines especially, new technology is being introduced consistently even today. Enlarging the size by mechanical and electrical formulas, and adding the GPS control system are some of the examples.

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